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Are you engaged in the textile, packaging, or fertilizer industry, either as an employee or as a representative of your company? If so, your insights are invaluable to us at BIORADAR!

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Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) is a method used to assess the social and socio-economic impacts of products, processes, and services throughout their life cycle. It aims to evaluate the effects on various stakeholders, including workers, local communities, consumers, and society at large. S-LCA provides a comprehensive view of the social implications associated with a product or service, complementing environmental and economic assessments. By identifying negative social impacts, businesses can develop strategies to mitigate these effects, leading to better working conditions, human rights adherence, and community benefits.

As the social impact of products becomes increasingly crucial in evaluating sustainability, BIORADAR is keen on gathering perspectives from stakeholders within the value chains of the textile, packaging, and fertilizer sectors. Our goal is to understand the social implications of bio-based versus traditional products.

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