Driving Innovation in the Bio-based Sector

UNI's workshop highlights the important role of standardisation for translating scientific research into real-world solutions, innovation, sustainability and collaboration in bio-based industries.

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As part of the European research and innovation project Star4bbs, UNI recently conducted an online training on December 14 2023 entitled "Standards and R&I Projects: how to support the bio-based industries", which provided a detailed overview of the role of standardisation in supporting and driving innovation within the bio-based sector.

The workshop focused on how standardisation can be a valuable ally for the bio-based industry, delving into the workings of technical standardisation, the key players involved, and its connection with the certification world. A key highlight of the event was demonstrating how organisations can translate research and innovation results into pre-standardisation documents, known as CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA). Essentially, these agreements enable organisations to formalise and share their research findings, contributing to the development of new standards and industry practices.

Particular emphasis was given to the potential standardisation results arising from the Horizon projects Star4bbs, Biorecer, and Bioradar. The workshop was an opportunity for participants to understand the link between standardisation and scientific research and how the objectives and potential results from EU projects can be leveraged to develop standards contributing to the progress and sustainability of the bio-based sector.

The workshop represented a significant step towards the projects´ common goal of developing standards that support the bio-based industry, and promote innovation, sustainability, and collaboration amongst stakeholders.

The full recording of the workshop is freely accessible on the UNI - Ente Italiano di Normazione YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVzzIHXflvQ.

And below, you can download the presentations from all of the speakers who participated at the workshop: