The BIORADAR consortium brings together 7 partners from 4 countries, blending scientific excellence in monitoring system engineering, life cycle assessment, circular economy research, bio-based industry, and standardisation expertise. The right balance between research and industrial partners ensures scientifically ambitious work is undertaken with a clear post-project exploitation pathway in mind, covering the entire value chain.

  • Partner YAGHMA
    (Netherlands )

    YAGHMA are the BIORADAR project co-ordinators and lead Work Package 6 – Project Co-ordination and Consortium Management - ensuring research data and results are managed in accordance with FAIR principles and Open Science practices. YAGHMA is a small enterprise that specialises in monitoring socio-technical aspects of new technologies, AI Impact Assessment and responsible research and innovation (RRI). In addition to leading the project, YAGHMA will be involved in co-developing some of the BIORADAR digital tools and responsible for executing the Circularity as a Service (CaaS) servitisation business model.

  • Partner HAW HAMBURG
    Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)
    (Germany )

    HAW are a leading applied sciences university with a focus on developing sustainable solutions to societal challenges. They are represented in BIORADAR by the university’s department of Research and Transfer Centre Sustainability and Climate Change Management and will lead Work Package 4 - Upscaling and Replicating the Project Results – responsible for upscaling, replicating, benchmarking and policy recommendations. HAW are the co-ordinators of BIO PLASTICS EUROPE and are tasked with testing and validating the Bio-based Transition Indicator (BTI) digital tools on bio-packaging and the plastics sector.

  • Partner Next Technology
    Next Technology Tecnotessile (NTT)
    (Italy )

    NTT is a private non-profit research company representing a reference point for research and technological innovation in the Textile sector with expertise in lifecycle and social lifecycle assessments and lifecycle cost analysis. NTT will lead Work Package 1 - Identifying and Assessing Sustainability aspects (Environmental, Economic, Social) of Industrial Bio-based Systems and embedding them into BTI Framework – and will perform economic analysis of circularity aspects in Work Package 2 and act as a use-case partner for the Bio-Textile Industry.

  • Partner IRIS
    IRIS – IRIS Technology

    IRIS Technology is an advanced engineering group specialised in the manufacture and integration of Process Analytical Technology-based real-time quality monitoring solutions for the bioeconomy industry. In BIORADAR, IRIS, as Work Package 3 leaders, will be responsible for developing and validating the digital monitoring dashboard/tools and the self-assessment, AI driven Analytics Platform and Regulatory Tracker Tool.

  • Partner Kneia

    KNEIA is an SME working with public companies, research institutes, government agencies, and investors to provide assessment services on dissemination, exploitation and communication (DEC) strategies, knowledge transfer, and implementation of scientific technological structure worldwide. KNEIA is leading Work Package 5 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation activities - and are IPR and exploitation managers

  • Partners UNI
    Ente Italiano Di Normazione (UNI)
    (Italy )

    UNI is the Italian standardisation institute, developing and publishing technical standards. In BIORADAR, UNI will be responsible for giving an overview of the standardisation landscape in the bio-based sector and investigating whether selected project results and learning can feed into standardisation activities that are either already ongoing, or by starting new standardisation initiatives.

  • Partners Cetenma
    (Spain )

    CETENMA is a non-profit association set up to support companies with technological research, development and innovation in areas relating to energy and environment. CETENMA is represented in the project by its Bioeconomy and Bioenergy unit who will lead Work Package 2 - Identifying and Assessing Circularity Aspects of Industrial Bio-based Systems and Embedding them into BTI Framework. – and will also act as a use-case partner for the Bio-Fertiliser sector.