BIORADAR is now part of the Biorefine Cluster

The BIORADAR consortium has joined the Biorefine Cluster Europe. Learn more by reading this article.

BIORADAR is now part of the Biorefine Cluster

In June 2024, the BIORADAR project became a member of the Biorefine Cluster Europe. This cluster holds a strong commitment to advancing the biobased economy across Europe, and serves as a vital network connecting projects and professionals in this field.

The Biorefine Cluster Europe fosters invaluable inter-project exchanges, promoting efficient outreach and dissemination strategies among its members. This collaborative environment supports BIORADAR and other related projects within the cluster by facilitating robust network building opportunities.

BIORADAR's involvement in the Biorefine Cluster Europe includes active collaboration with other projects specializing in value chain assessment.

Have a look at the dedicated page of BIORADAR on Biorefine Cluster Europe website.