Insights from the CBE JU Stakeholder Forum

On December 6th and 7th 2023, BIORADAR Project Co-ordinators Yaghma attended the Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking Stakeholder Forum where a diverse array of stakeholders, who are deeply invested in propelling Europe's burgeoning bio-based sector, came together to discuss the multifaceted initiatives shaping this emerging domain.

CBE JU Forum

Amidst parallel sessions and workshops, stakeholders engaged in robust discussions, exploring their perspectives on Europe's bio-based economy and its evolving products and processes. The central theme of the forum, 'What next for the European bio-based sector?', emphasised the critical need for collaborative efforts across the value chain, regulatory bodies, and the broader societal framework, hinging on seamless cooperation among stakeholders, underscoring a shared commitment to sustainable growth and innovation, and the urgency to stimulate demand for circular bio-based solutions, enhance investments, and identify essential research and innovation priorities.

Strategies to drive demand, pathways to boost investments, and the identification of future research priorities were a major focus in discussions that revolved around integrating consumer and industrial needs and drawing insights from successful models and global successes to expedite growth in the EU. Complementing these discussions, the forum delved into critical topics such as nurturing skill development and empowering young researchers to drive circular bio-based industries across Europe.

Participants also engaged in various activities such as immersive event sessions, targeted workshops, networking events and discussion groups, and an exhibition showcased cutting-edge bio-based solutions.

For YAGHMA, this event provided significant value for the development of the BIORADAR project and for enhancing the company's understanding of the bio-based economy. The CBE JU Stakeholder Forum epitomised collective commitment and the collaborative spirit that is driving the bio-based sector forward. As BIORADAR navigates this dynamic landscape, the insights gleaned from this forum will serve as a guide for the project´s future contributions to Europe's sustainable bio-based future.