BTI Framework

Circular economy concept

The Bio-Based Transition Indicator (BTI) framework involves metrics to monitor industrial bio-based systems for sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) and circularity aspects. This will be done through:

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Identifying Circular Bio-Based Solutions

BTI metrics help find and choose circular bio-based solutions suitable for stakeholders.

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Assessing Solution Potential

These metrics evaluate solution potential and develop business cases for effective large-scale implementation.

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Measuring Progress

BTI metrics track business progress in becoming more circular and sustainable.

  • Strategic/Core Indicators:
    • Verdict on performance.
    • Focus on key indicators.
  • Performance Indicators:
    • Evaluate underlying physical processes.
    • Cover entire value chain (e.g., recycling rates, material use).
  • Process Indicators:
    • Monitor transition to bio-based systems.
    • Include diverse indicators for various aspects of change.

  • Open and Transparent:
    • BTI methodology co-developed with industry partners.
    • Publicly accessible.
    • Applicable across various bio-based industries.
    • Enables assessments at different levels (company, business unit, site, product).
    • Maximises interoperability of bio-based systems resources.
  • One-Stop-Tool Digital Solution for Monitoring Bio-Based Products:
    • Integrates tools like regulatory tracker, AI-driven benchmarking, and self-assessment.
    • Offers a unique, comprehensive tool for bio-based product monitoring.
    • Provides access to best practices, benchmarks, regulations, and instruction.
    • Highly automated approach facilitated by IRIS and YAGHMA.

This unified approach enhances the efficiency of monitoring and decision-making in the bio-based industry, promoting sustainability, circularity, and overall environmental and social benefit.

BTI Lab: Enhancing Knowledge and Collaboration

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The BTI Lab serves as an invaluable knowledge database, offering exclusive resources to delve into the world of Bio-Based Transition Indicators (BTI) and the accompanying BTI Toolkit. Both these assets play a crucial role in supporting industrial bio-based systems. The lab provides services that encompass:

  • Ecosystem Engagement: BIORADAR creates an all-encompassing ecosystem for bio-based systems monitoring, effectively engaging both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Global Forums: Two international industrial bio-based system forums and conferences are organized to connect stakeholders within the bio-based industry with local and international investors.

  • Focused Testing: Three key industrial bio-based systems (Bio-Packaging, Bio-Fertiliser, and Bio-Based Textile) are chosen to rigorously test and validate the BTI framework and BTI Toolkit.
  • Circular Baseline: Use-cases, integrated with the BTI Toolkit, provide stakeholders with an initial view of the current performance of circular bio-based systems.
  • Progress Tracking: As use-cases advance along their sustainability journey, the BTI Tool aids in tracking their progress.

BIORADAR Implementation Scorecard

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The BIORADAR Implementation Scorecard is an innovative, multidimensional performance measurement tool that balances the economic, environmental, social, and circularity key performance indicators of the use cases.

The results will be used in sharing information with government agencies, cities, research organisations, NGOs, companies and other stakeholders, who will be involved in verifying the sustainability of the processes.